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Dragons & Violins is a narrative nonfiction account of the chaotic and turbulent early life of Assyrian Born George Edgar, born in Persia (now Iran) at a time when Turks & Kurds were determinedly carrying out genocide against Assyrian, Armenian and Pontic Greek Christians. Born Sargis Georges Yadgar, George Edgar's Assyrian family escaped to southern Russia, where they were caught up in the chaos of World War I and the Russian revolution and civil war. They eventually escaped to Constantinople, and finally made their way to Ellis Island and the United States on July 4th, 1921.

A book that reminds us that the 'greatest generation' came from everywhere in the world, and their bravery, intelligence, talent, and determination remain an inspiration for us all. David A. Armstrong's loving chronicle of his grandfather's life illustrates the point and illuminates the journey.”

CARL GOTTLIEB screenwriter and author of The Jaws Log and Long Time Gone, the Autobiography of David Crosby.



“A moving portrait of an immigrant shaped by revolution, poverty, and the frontlines of World War II. Yet it was music, most of all, that gave George Edgar's life challenge and meaning. Dragons & Violins is heartbreaking and inspiring.”

RUSSEL MARTIN author of Beethoven’s Hair


An epic tale of revolution, war, genocide, loss, transformation, love and music, that spans over 8 decades. The story of an ordinary boy who finds himself in the middle of a chaotic world and is forced to become an extraordinary man through his own wit and drive to succeed. A beautiful story told by a devoted grandson whose own life mirrors his grandfather's. An absolute winner!

AMAZON "Five Star" Review; Ann-Margret "Maggie" Yonan


"The memoir treats the life of an Assyrian boy who came to manhood far from the home he knew in the Urmian village of Sheinabad, located in Northwest Iran, an area home to one of the most advanced Middle Eastern Christian communities that had persisted through millennia of persecution and forced conversion to Islam since the 8th century AD. The early life of George Edgar (Ellis Islandized from Sargis Yadgar) reflects the lives of families who succeeded in fleeing to Tsarist Russia to escape genocide."

AMAZON "Five Star" Review; Khavurta

"The author has done a tremendous job of sharing his grandfather's incredible life
story. This [is] a read anyone can appreciate and definitely one of those books that
you're going to have a hard time putting down."

AMAZON "Five Star" Review; Nikki


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